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    Lianyungang Tianyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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        1. Stainless steel series fire extinguisher
          Portable-type Dried Powder Fire Extinguisher
          Portable-type water fire extinguisher
          Portable-type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
          Cart type dried powder fire extinguisher
          Cart type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
          ¡¡You now the location >> Company Profile

          Lianyungang Tianyi Fire-fighting equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in July,1998.It¡¯s specialized in fire-fighting¡¯s manufacture and sales. At present, we have developed and manufactured five series with over thirty types of fire-fighting equipment including portable type stored-pressure dry powder extinguisher , dioxide fire extinguisher, portable type stored-pressure foam fire extinguisher, trolley foam fire extinguisher,stainless steel Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguisher accessories and so on, as well as more than 330 types of bearing block.

          The headquarters lies in Xinhaixi Avenue,Guannan Economic Development Zone.,Lianyungang City.There is Only 1KM from the Guannan Exit of Ninglian Expressway.The traffic is fairly convenient.There are two branches located in Suzhou and Lanzhou City.Lianyungang Tianyi Fire-fighting equipment Co.,Ltd.has its working fund of 30,000,000 yuan and fixed assets of over 35,000,000 yuan,covering more than 65,000 square meters of land and more than 30,000 square meters of building area.Since 1987,the company is entitled as ¡°Star Enterprise¡±,¡° Civilization Enterprise¡±, ¡°High-tech Private Enterprise¡±, ¡°A Credit Enterprise¡±and the products were awarded the title of ¡°Trustworty quality¡± continuously for many years. Our products passed ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certification by China Quality Certification Center in May,2003 .The¡°Guanhe¡± brand was honored as ¡°Famous brand of Jiangsu Province¡± in 2006 and the serie of Guanhe fire-fighting was entitled as¡°Famous products of Jiangsu Province¡±;In 2007,the company was honored as ¡°High Sice-tech enterprise¡±and the portable type stainless steel Fire Extinguisher titled as ¡°high-tech product¡± by the Province Engineering Department is satisfied the KGS organization in Korea and now large quantity being exported to Korea.The complete sales net in domestic is established .There are offices and agents in about 30 provinces. The sales record is satisfactory.

          At present,the company has the yearly ability to produce 3,000,000 pieces of fire-fightings and 3,000,000 pieces of bearing blocks., The total output value in 2007 was over 100 million yuan,the taxation more than 6,200,000 yuan. There are 280 employees,including 2 senior engineers,8 engineers, 20 technicians,3 economic engineers,2 accountants and secondary technician more than 230 in the producing departments.The company has 180 sets of procuducing and complete testing equipment.

          Lianyungang Tianyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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