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        1. Lianyungang Tianyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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              1. Stainless steel series fire extinguisher
                Portable-type Dried Powder Fire Extinguisher
                Portable-type water fire extinguisher
                Portable-type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
                Cart type dried powder fire extinguisher
                Cart type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
                ﹛You now the location >> The leader*s speech
                Chairman*s speech:ㄩ

                The Lianyungang Tianyi Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd have been established for 20 years, persisted the market as the guidance, the strict management,the customer*s benefit first , regards the product quality as basis of the enterprise, has developed to produce all kinds of fire extinguishers about2,000,000, and has established two medium fire extinguisher companies in Suzhou and Lanzhou.

                20 years of hard experience , under the social friends* care and the support, Tianyi Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd in, develop and the progress ,also has obtained many honors; But the result belonged to the past, we grasp today, will be able to create the even more diligently tomorrow, also hoped the general customers and the friends as always care and support Tianyi Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd .

                正规pk10网址We believed that, Tianyi Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd*s tomorrow will be more magnificent

                Lianyungang Tianyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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