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    Lianyungang Tianyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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          2. Stainless steel series fire extinguisher
            Portable-type Dried Powder Fire Extinguisher
            Portable-type water fire extinguisher
            Portable-type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
            Cart type dried powder fire extinguisher
            Cart type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
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            The product introduce
            Our company produces the MTT/24 cart type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher which defers to the GB8109-2005 standard, it is one kind clean, non-toxic fire extinguisher, the internal carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing has the good insulating ability, therefore may put off the fire of the charged equipment; After the fire fighting, does not cause any pollution to the environmentand the equipment, also the fire fighting scope is big; Its unique rollers causes the fire extinguisher operation nimbly and easy to operate.

            The structure and composes of fire extinguisher
            正规pk10网址 The fire extinguisher mainly made up of the bottle body, unit, the nozzle unit, the frame unit and so on, internal fire-extinguishing is liquid carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing.

            The attention
            1 The fire extinguisher will mainly be depends upon the carbon dioxide to burn with the surrounding air isolation, but thus will create the burning oxygen deficit extinguishment to play the fire fighting therefore it not suitably in outdoor
            2 When it used in narrow and small airtight room, afterusing, the user and all personnels must leave rapidly
            3 When fight the oil fire, the rocket cannot too close the oil level in order to avoid the oil spray, the fire expands.
            正规pk10网址 4 If extinguishes above 600V electric appliance fire, should first shut off the power

            The applicable scope

            1. Suitable in puttint off the beginning fire of the flammable liquid and the gas , also for the charged equipment fire; Often applies in the laboratory, computer room, changes substation, as well as to precise electronic instrumentation, precious equipment or goods maintenance request high place.
            2. The application temperature scope: -10⊥‵+55⊥﹝

            Main technical parameterㄗ20⊥㊣5⊥ㄘ


            Effective spraying time

            Spraying lag time

            Sprays surplus rate

            Fire fighting








            2﹜rocket unit

            3﹜bottle body unit

            4﹜frame unit

            The application method
            Pushes the fire extinguisher to the fire scene, launches spraying hose, a person pulls the valve safety pin, and turns on the valve, another person grips tightly aim at the flame base to spray.

            The maintains

            1. Depositing temperature : -10⊥‵+45⊥; Does not in the hot sun ,close fire or vibrate fiercely.
            2. The fire extinguisher should put sturdily, deposit in the air seasoning place .
            3. Inspects frequently whether it is nimble and convenient.
            4. Inspect the spare parts whether less crowded, distortion,corrosion or damage.
            5. Inspect the fire extinguisher internal frequently whether dosage reduces, when the fire fighting dosage reduced fixed sufficient load 5%, should deliver immediately to the intelligence service unit to repair.
            6. The fire extinguisher expire should inspec the bottle valve, nozzle the tube body and so on again every two year after five years And carries on 22.5MPa the hydraulic pressure test, qualified should not carry on abandonment processing.
            7. The fire extinguisher service or the sufficient attire should be done by the intelligence specialized fire service department to carry on the repair, the user does not disassemble or repair;Refer the maintenance handbook.
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